phillip robinson

Phil is a renound sculptor and artist with a wonderful body of work behind him. He will be hosting an interactive sculpting demonstration, as well as displaying some of his incredible work - including a life-size hyper-realistic 4th Doctor and a life-size Yoda in a Dagobah movie set - time for a photo-op!

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99th garrison

For all the star wars fans - the empire's finest will be on parade at Screen-Con, are you ready to turn to the dark side of the force?


99th Garrison on Facebook

northern charity daleks


the northern charity daleks will be at hand to exterminate, plus a schiphonix interactive display.


there will be the 'talk like a dalek/cyberman' unit as well as hand-on consoles of different genres - all sorts of things to experiment with!





from ghostbusters to star wars to the avengers - the amazing costumes of A.R.C will be sure to entertain! Don't forget your camera!


quark's Tyne Bar

Screen-Con...the final frontier....


Come face to face with Star trek favourites like Klingons, as well other genre costumes.


Quarks Tyne Bar


universal alliance

The brilliant scifi/fantasy/VG costuming group Universal Alliance will bring their own brand of exciting costumes, props and fun to the day.


Universal Alliance Fans





jordan smith

James Bond and Hammer Horror star Martine is best known for "ONE MILLION YEARS B.C.", "DR. JEKYLL AND SISTER HYDE", "PREHISTORIC WOMEN", and the James Bond classics "THUNDERBALL" and "FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE".


Graphic novelist, artist and photographer Jordan, from Darkview.

meet yoda


We are delighted to bring you a mini dagobah set and master Yoda - not an overstatement to say, for Star Wars fans, this will be a must have photo!



the lady sings


'The Lady Sings' will be bringing us live music from the movies at Screen-Con '16!




the ne first order unit

Kylo Ren and his first order stormtroopers will be at hand to make sure the force in you awakens!



lightsaber academy

Star Wars fans will love our new 'lightsaber academy' this year.


Do or do not, there is no try!



movie prop displays

Screen-Con will be packed to the rafters with loads of fun activities - meet your favourite costumed characters, take a photo with lifesize displays, browse our market for a bargain, get an autograph from a celebrity signer...then sit back and be entertained by our host with the most, Markus Percy


Lifesize figures, including The Terminator & Tom Baker's Doctor, plus sci-fi helmets, lightsabers, the TARDIS and much more!



12592262_10209046595267614_523075206120556794_n 12294631_810857375690440_4116068084291797156_n soMuchMore2

childrens art tables

onsite cafe

onstage Q&A's

costume competitions (adults and Childrens)

market stalls




rob ritchie

a863ebc13e4825fc6b2a363c7b1e272a Laurie-Goode-SCT-5-Storm-Trooper

An original Stormtrooper from the classic that started it all, Star Wars, legend has it that Laurie was the Trooper who famously banged his head!

Laurie also played the Mos Eisley Cantina creature Saurin. Laurie also played an x-wing pilot in the Rebel briefing scene in ANH.


Rob was the creative force behind the famous lost Doctor Who episode 'The Power of the Daleks'.

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American Police Cruiser

Shooting Range



Sophie is perhaps best known as the Doctor's companion Ace from the late '80's. Sophie has also provided voices for animated series such as Bob the Builder and was the presenter of the Saturday morning show 'WOW!'. In November 2013 she appeared in the 50th anniversary comedy homage The Five(ish) Doctors.

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